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Economic Development for the Business Community and Residents

Building a Thriving Business Community in the Fenway

In 2009 the Fenway CDC updated its Urban Village Plan which was a resident-led vision for the neighborhood. The following goals were established for the Business Community:

1. More employment within walking distance of where most Fenway residents live

2. Employers to expand their efforts to recruit residents

3. Retention of existing and addition of new resident-serving businesses

4. Large area employers to help develop workforce housing in the neighborhood

5. Development of a recycling center

6. Recruitment of retailers interested in opening businesses catering to families with children, such as a toy store and a store that sells clothes for children

7. Provision of jobs targeted at older residents

In 2013, Fenway CDC began to update the Urban Village Plan engaging residents and community stakeholders through neighborhood surveys and focus group visioning sessions. One of the achievements was the development of an independent business association which serves the local small businesses.

We continue to strengthen our partnerships with the neighborhood institutions to create employment opportunities for the residents through our workforce development program 'Walk to Work'. Annually, we help to promote local businesses to families and residents through collaboration in our annual community building event 'Halloween Safe Trick-and Tricking'. In 2013, 35 businesses sponsored the event which was attended by more than 150 residents.

Online Resources

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and are looking for valuable information on how to set up or develop your business, please visit the following websites.

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Information about business financial and technical resources https://dnd.cityofboston.gov/#page/BusinessDevelopment

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