Our Team


Leah Camhi

Leah Camhi, Executive Director

lcamhi@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 14

Leah has been an entrepreneurial non-profit leader her entire career. She has consistently been able to turn vision into reality, which is apparent in the many campaigns she has collaborated on, such as: establishing an alternative education program for adjudicated youth, launching a statewide hotline run by and for teens, training professionals on hot button adolescent issues, developing an HIV prevention training series, founding a community center for people living with HIV, and launching an agency teaching entrepreneurial skills to at-risk youth. Leah is honored to be a part of the team at Fenway CDC, located in the most exciting neighborhood in Boston. At a time when economic inequality and a lack of affordable housing has divided this great city, Leah believes we are addressing these disparities by strengthening diverse resident leadership and bringing more affordable housing to the Fenway. Leah grew up in Las Vegas, where she is wise enough to know that the house always wins.

Margarita Mateo, Operations and Human Resources Manager

cmargarita@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 10

Margarita oversees the administrative systems that keep the office functioning efficiently. This includes: managing the maintenance of all office equipment, planning the Annual Meeting, supervising volunteers, and maintaining the database and membership records. She is also responsible for office budgeting and vendor relations. Margarita earned a BA in Communications in Puerto Rico where she was born and raised. and She also holds a TEFL certificate from the Boston Language Institute. Margarita loves watching movies, dancing, and dining out. She enjoys helping the Latino community and writes poetry in her native language. Her secret talent is that she works as an emcee for Spanish events. Margarita’s father passed away when she was only seven. Despite the challenges of raising 14 children alone, her mother managed to send 9 on to college. Speaking of her mother, Margarita says: “My mom is a remarkable woman. I’m so proud of her.”

Michelle Reinstein

Michelle Reinstein, Director of Finance and Administration  

mreinstein@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 28

Michelle manages Fenway CDC’s finances and human resources and oversees administration. She joined the organization in the late ’90s as a volunteer and later became a full-time employee. She helps with a range of projects including event planning, housing development project management, and bookkeeping. Her background in architecture and her interest in urban spaces brought her to Boston. She lived in the Fenway when she first moved to the city and later bought a condo on the Mission Hill/JP line after taking a Fenway CDC sponsored “Homebuyer 101” class. In her free time, she enjoys taking walks in the Emerald Necklace with her dog, cooking, traveling, and visiting the MFA.

Resident Services and Workforce Development

Kris Anderson

Kris Anderson, Director of Community Programs  

kanderson@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 29

Kris has deep roots in the Fenway community, where she grew up.  She has more than a decade of experience working with diverse populations and centers her work on connecting low- to moderate-income individuals to social services to improve their quality of life.

Kris wears many hats at Fenway CDC as the Director of Community Programs. She facilitates Fenway Family Coalition (FFC) meetings and oversees the Walk to Work – Workforce Development and Resident Services Programs. Kris is experienced in providing case management and counseling to clients with diverse needs. She is also adept at nurturing relationships with community partners and employers. 

In 2015, Kris was appointed the new Chairperson for the Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) Community Advisory Board (CAB). She represents CAB at the BCH’s Board Committee for Community Service. In April 2016, Kris served on an Advisory Group to assist BCH and Massachusetts Department of Public Health to develop criteria for the allocation of $54 million to improve the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable families in Greater Boston.

Kris loves going deep-sea and fresh water fishing with her husband. She enjoys cooking Sunday brunch for her family and friends. She makes tasty blueberry pancakes, fried chicken, and waffles.

Helen Murphy, Special Projects Coordinator

hmurphy@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 21

Helen serves as a volunteer outreach coordinator through Social Capital Inc. and through Americorps State and National. Helen is involved in community programing, event assistance, social media management, and volunteer outreach. She graduated from Ithaca College in 2017 with a degree in Public and Community Health. She has always had a passion for community engagement and health promotion and previously worked with the Campus Kitchens Project—a program utilizing college campus kitchens to prepare meals for people experiencing food insecurity.
Helen is very excited to be serving at Fenway CDC, studying complex public health issues, exploring this vibrant neighborhood, and learning from lifelong advocates for community equity.

Helen enjoys cooking with her mom and hiking around the Blue Hills.

Community Planning and Organizing

Richard Giordano

Richard Giordano, Director of Policy and Community Planning  

rgiordano@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 19

Richard credits one of his parish priests, Fordham University, and the student-run Mexico Project for making him into a political and community activist. He credits his sociology degree for making him a critical thinker. Over the course of his career, Richard has briefly been a public utilities investigator, a caseworker, a NYC cab driver, an ironworker, and an aide to four different elected officials – but he has always been a community activist. In 1990, Richard discovered he could actually get paid to fight for things he believed in when he became the first staff community organizer for the Mass Association of CDCs. Since that time, he has remained involved in the community development field as a board member of two CDCs and as the Community Organizing Director for Fenway CDC since 2013.
Richard loves the Fenway community whose long history of activism has helped shape the neighborhood in powerful ways and continues to do so to this day.

One of Richard’s favorite past times is bicycling, and he wishes that his commute was actually longer. If he had more free time, he would take a bicycle trip.

Housing Development

Sam LaTronica, Project Manager

slatronica@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 17

Sam LaTronica joined Fenway CDC in 2017 to help expand the capacity of the Housing Development team. He supports the development and preservation of local affordable housing properties and researches new opportunities for development. A Bay Area native, Sam has previously worked for non-profit organizations in San Francisco and Oakland, California, including an affordable housing advocacy organization. He most recently worked for the City of Boston in the Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Racial Equity, where he helped to develop Boston’s first-ever citywide resilience strategy. Sam holds a Master in Urban Planning with a concentration in Housing and Neighborhood Development. When the weather is nice, his preferred method of transportation is his skateboard.

Resource Development

Iris Tan, Marketing and Development Director

itan@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 25

Iris manages the resource development activities of Fenway CDC, which includes event planning, grants management, organizational branding, and overseeing the Fenway CDC internship program. She is also responsible for cultivating positive relationships with supporters to increase the funding, resources, and talent necessary to advance the work of Fenway CDC.

Iris collaborates with many prominent businesses and renowned institutions of the Fenway – including the Boston Red Sox – to organize fun and meaningful events that support the Fenway CDC’s mission and financial needs. She has overseen the Fenway Ball Gala, Fen-tastic Fest, and Taste of The Fenway since 2013.

Iris was raised in Singapore and earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in marketing and management from Murdoch University in Australia. Her dream to live, learn, and work in the United States came true when a scholarship brought her to Boston, where she earned her MBA from Hult International Business School.

Before joining the Fenway CDC, Iris worked as an event planner at Asian Community Development Corporation of Boston, where she organized sports, business, and entertainment events. Iris also previously worked for the National Kidney Foundation, where she managed 7 business units with 170 team members and was accountable for overseeing $22 million (USD).

Iris loves to read, dance, and travel.

Phuong Nguyen, Marketing and Project Manager

pnguyen@fenwaycdc.org  617-267-4637 x 12

Phuong builds community collaboration with event partners and helps to organize meaningful special events, including the Fenway Ball Gala and Taste of The Fenway festival. Before joining Fenway CDC, she worked as a Program Assistant at Northeastern University. Her role was to identify potential program partners for education programs by contributing her financial and project management knowledge.

Phuong enjoys listening to music, fishing, cooking, and traveling. She graduated with a Master Degree in Project Management from Northeastern University.

Jasmine Vargas, SCI AmeriCorps Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

jvargas@Fenwaycdc.org or  617-267-4637 x 13

Jasmine Vargas recently graduated from Simmons University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health. Earlier in the year, she interned with FCDC’s Community Organizing committee and is now serving with SCI AmeriCorps as a Volunteer Outreach Coordinator at Fenway CDC. She is passionate about individual and community health, health policy, and gentrification. Her goals include recruiting volunteers to support community engagement of the Community Programs department, connecting residents with local services and employment opportunities, and creating a healthier, more family-friendly neighborhood through the Fenway Family Coalition. Jasmine is planning for graduate school for her master’s in Public Health and Social work, and is excited to be serving AmeriCorps and Fenway CDC!