fenway cdc

Fenway CDC Strategic Plan

Fenway CDC is 43 years old. This milestone has provided an opportunity for reflection on our organizational history and on the changing face of the Fenway neighborhood. It has also been an occasion for looking ahead to envision the kind of neighborhood the Fenway can be.

We have done so through a 3-year strategic plan that assesses realistically what we can accomplish on our own, how and with whom we must collaborate, how to maintain a sharp focus on our mission, and how to navigate the risks of bold new ventures.

In the end, Fenway CDC’s work and goals over the next five years will closely resemble what it has been doing for the nearly four decades. The solid foundation of our previous work compelled us to continue to build and adapt that work. It is how we will do our work in the next five years – with an emphasis on partnerships – that will be most noteworthy…and challenging.

We envision a body of work and activities framed and driven by two important forces. The first is a robust and productive engagement with the Fenway’s institutional neighbors. The second is an engaged citizens whose civic commitment is expressed through support of and involvement in the Fenway CDC. We believe that the Fenway will become the 21st-century sustainable urban village to which we aspire only if these forces can pull in the same direction.