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Fenway's Urban Village Plan

The Urban Village Plan is the residents' vision for the Fenway neighborhood’s growth into the 21st century. We envision building a smart-growth, transit-oriented residential neighborhood in the heart of the City of Boston that is welcoming to the broadest spectrum of residents.

The Urban Village Plan for the Fenway was first introduced in 1992 and was updated in 2007, 2009, and 2015. Fenway CDC aims to be a catalyst and a partner in the transformation of the Fenway neighborhood into an “urban village” in the narrow modern definition of the planning term: an environment that is self-sustainable, where people can live, work, shop and entertain in a single urban area.

The Plan consists of the following five elements:

  1. 1. A sufficient and varied housing supply
  2. 2. Access to public transportation and reduced vehicular traffic
  3. 3. Community-building facilities such as a community center
  4. 4. A healthy business community serving local residents and visitors while providing employment opportunities, and
  5. 5. Open space and a responsible level of impact upon the environment.

Read the latest Fenway's Urban Village Plan, which was released on May 20, 2015 at Fenway CDC's 42nd Annual Meeting. Download here.

Urban Village Plan Report Card

Click  here to see the Urban Village Plan Report Card.

Urban Village Committee

The Urban Village Committee is the planning arm of Fenway CDC. Its members are community members who have graciously volunteered to monitor development projects in the neighborhood. The committee is structured to have one point person assigned to each major development project, and other UVC members in supporting roles. The UVC writes comment letters to the Boston Redevelopment Authority expressing community input on each development project.The Urban village committee chair reports to the Board of Fenway CDC all point person assignments, status of projects, comment letters, and details about public planning meetings.

The UVC is open to all community members interested in planning and development in the Fenway—no planning experience or knowledge necessary! Urban Village Committee meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm at Fenway CDC office, 70 Burbank Street, lower level. Please contact Grace Holley, Community Planner if you would like to participate: gholley@fenwaycdc.org. (617)267-4637 x16