Fenway CDC’s 50th Annual Meeting

As we celebrate yet another year of working to bring vibrancy and health to the Fenway, we will also be commemorating half a century of Fenway CDC! We had a wonderful time at our annual meeting celebrating with our neighbors, partners, and members.

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Thank you to our panelists!


Boston City Councilor Kenzie Bok

Brianna Millor, Chief of Community Engagement, City of Boston

Emily Jones, Senior Program Officer with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Coco Alinsug, City Councilor in Lynn and Fenway Health Outreach and Enrollment Manager

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Thank you, Saint Cecilia Parish for providing a beautiful space!

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Congratulations, Community Service Awardees!

Brenda Lew, Fenway CDC Organizing Committee member

State Representative Jay Livingstone

Sonia Bhabhalia, outgoing Fenway CDC Board Member

Mia Jean-Sicard, outgoing Fenway CDC Board Member

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Thank you, BPD for offering transportation!

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Thank you to our members, for making the Fenway a vibrant community

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Celebrating Our History

We’ve compiled some of the milestones of our long history in the Fenway.

See the timeline here >