Workforce Development

Resident Services and Workforce Development 

Fenway CDC aims to help vulnerable, low-income, and moderate-income residents overcome poverty barriers by accessing social services, job skills training, education advancement programs, job and career opportunities, and secure living wage jobs. We provide wrap-around services through in-house and our extensive network of economic stability services, education, and employer program partners. Since 2014, Fenway CDC had annual and bi-annual Career Fairs which was attending by over 50 hiring employers. We continue to collaborate with them for job placement and career development services. If you need assistance in looking for a job or work with us as a  program partner, please contact Diego Soler at or (617) 267-4637 x 15.

Program Activities

Activity 1: Life Stabilization

1.1  Participants will access counseling and social service referrals from our Resident Services staff to stabilize their lives.

Activity 2: Education and Employment Skills/Job Readiness

2.1  Each participant will develop a professional résumé and cover letter, complete 20 hours of job search weekly, participate in 1 to 3 hours of employment counseling, and access Fenway CDC’s virtual Career Clinic sessions and future Career Fairs. Participants will get interview preparation, job readiness training, and placement services.

2.2  Fenway CDC will help individual entrepreneurs access training resources and referrals to achieve greater economic success through our collaborations with public and private community partners that provide resources or workshops in money management, taxes for small businesses, and accessing funding for entrepreneurs/small business owners.

Activity 3: Economic Stability

3.1  Participants will secure employment, increase the number of hours worked, and/or increase their hourly wages. Those who do not gain permanent employment will register with a temporary placement agency.

3.2  Participants will access Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS), a program collaboration between Fenway CDC and Metro Housing Boston. This is catered to participants in the federally-funded Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). FSS is a voluntary program designed to help families achieve increased economic self-sufficiency over a five-year period. FSS participants are matched with an FSS Advisor to provide one-on-one coaching and assistance with reaching their goals. This can include financial literacy, credit help, education, job skills, and career guidance. FSS participants have the opportunity to build an escrow account if their earned income increases.

Activity 4: Tenant Services

4.1  Participants will make tangible progress towards completing the tenant education, financial clinic sessions, life skills workshops, and future home-buying workshops to develop healthy habits, improve money management skills, and learn how to deal with life’s adversities more effectively.